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Child Nutrition Information
Did You Know? 
Texas Public School Nutrition Policy: Q & A (ppt)
CATCH Program
Baird ISD has joined a new program dedicated to the physical health of our students. CATCH, in its long-form, is known as The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (formerly, The Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health).The goals of CATCH includes the promotion and maintenance of heart-healthy behaviors in children and adolescents. CATCH has been approved by the Texas State Board of Education.
Why CATCH the wave?
Because heart disease, the number one killer of Americans, can be prevented! The best way to prevent heart disease is to reach children before unhealthy habits have been formed. Heart healthy behaviors include: moderate to vigorous exercise, eating habits with a low-fat and low-sodium awareness, and non-smoking.  The CATCH program was originally designed as a cardiovascular prevention education program for elementary school students. However, because the risk factors for cardiovascular heart disease are the same as for Type II diabetes, primarily poor diet and exercise habits, the CATCH program can function quite successfully as an intervention for both heart disease and diabetes.  CATCH is a coordinated effort between classroom, cafeteria and physical education.  The CATCH program involves the coordination of four components: health education, physical education, nutrition services, and parent involvement. CATCH is much more than a cardiovascular or diabetes education program. It’s a great start toward coordinated school health programming.
What is Child Nutrition Services doing to promote CATCH?
  • Menu Requirements
  • Portion sizes in accordance with the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Calories appropriate for age
  • <30% calories from fat
  • <10% calories from saturated fat
  • In line with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans
What's Cookin' in the Kitchen
  • No added fat to vegetables
  • Chicken nuggets, potato wedges are oven-baked, not deep fat fried
  • Hot rolls are not brushed with butter
  • Ground beef is drained and rinsed to reduce fat
Healthier Menu Choices
  • Menu is less than 30% fat
  • 1% milk served in white, chocolate & strawberry
  • Low-fat pizza (Less than 30% fat)
  • Low-fat hamburgers
On the Serving Line
  • Go, Slow and Whoa food signs posted as to advise student of food higher in fat
  • Offer versus serve; students are able to choose items placed on their tray
  • At least 3 fruit/vegetable choices are offered daily with lunch
Reinforcing Good Nutrition
  • Universal Breakfast Program
  • Nutrition question of the day read over morning announcements with the answer posted on the serving line
  • Monthly bulletin boards that coincide with calendar menu topic of the month

All students will reach their full academic and social potential, will be prepared to grow further in education, and will be responsible adults and life-long learners in a global society.

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